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Confused about how to create a sustainability plan?

Daunted by how to identify and track meaningful sustainability metrics?

Wondering how you’ll find time to create a sustainability report?

SPaRK™—the Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit—is a tool for helping organizations quickly develop a sustainability plan, metrics and management system. It helps you gather data on sustainability metrics and create charts that can be used in a sustainability report. The product is an Excel file with worksheets for many of the common analyses and metrics an organization would use. It is designed to be used as a facilitation/decision tool as well as a way to store your performance data. We use SPaRK with clients and train others how to use it. Now you can have it too!

See also the companion guide, The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning, under Books.

Watch a podcast explaining SPaRK 4.0.

SPaRK Process

SPaRK is really just a process for creating a robust sustainability plan. We can usually get an organization to a first- or second-generation sustainability plan in 2-3 days (separated in time) or 5-6 half-days. We start where you arein this process:

  1. Understanding sustainability and choosing framework(s)
  2. Clarifying the strategic business case for pursuing sustainability
  3. Conducting an impacts assessment to identify important areas to manage
  4. Developing metrics and a sustainability report template
  5. Building a long-term plan with targets and projects
  6. Developing support systems to manage your sustainability program

“This essential training helps balance the focus of your green journey by looking at the triple bottom line. It’s not just about environmental management but also promotes economic prosperity and social capital. The tools are meaningful and can be adapted to whatever your discipline.”

—Tim Center, Esq.,Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives
Collins Center for Public Policy and Sustainable Florida

“Thanks for an enlightened day at the Challenger Learning Center. I’ve become so much smarter in just one day. And for that I can’t thank you enough.”

—Kha Le-Huu, President, Le-Huu Partners  Architects \ Urbanists

Download SPaRK-Lite for Free

The entire SPaRK system is available through our training classes. We make free to others SPaRK-Lite, the sustainability planning worksheets, to help you get started. See the podcasts below to help you use some of the spreadsheets.

Note that the formatting of Excel worksheets is notcompletely stable across different platforms. You might have to adjust columnwidths or change page views. Saving as an xls file may change some images andremove some features. It is good practice to check links and formulas in SPaRK. You agree to hold AXIS harmless for any problems with the worksheets. SPaRK 4.0-lite


The following podcasts will help you understand how to use SPaRK:

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