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Demystifying sustainability

The Storytelling Animal [Book Review]

The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, by Jonathan Gottschall, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston, MA. Humans are storytelling creatures, spending our lives both waking and dreaming in what the … Continue reading

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Personal Sustainability Plan

Personal Sustainability Plan Is your life out of control? Are you not on your ‘right path.’? Use this workbook to improve your quality of life and find your unique contribution … Continue reading

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Confused about Social Sustainability?

What it means for organizations in developed countries By Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard Many people in developed countries struggle to understand what social sustainability has to do with them. … Continue reading

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Creating Community: Neighborliness

Copyright 2011 AXIS Performance Advisors Creating Community: Neighborliness as a sustainability strategy By Darcy Hitchcock (Note: a version of this article was published by the Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association in Portland, … Continue reading

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Are We Man Enough to Evolve?

Copyright 2006 AXIS Performance Advisors Are We Man Enough to Evolve? Glimmers of Hope for the Future Is it possible that humans are on the cusp of evolving into something … Continue reading

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Vanish Wisdom: What to learn from native peoples

  Copyright 2003 AXIS Performance Advisors. Vanishing Wisdom What Native Peoples Can Teach Us about a Sustainable Quality of Life By Darcy Hitchcock Just as the fish does not contemplate … Continue reading

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Natural Work (Part 1)

Copyright 1999 AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc. NATURAL WORK — PART 1 What Nature Can Teach Us about Managing Organizations by Darcy Hitchcock For quite some time, I have been wondering … Continue reading

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