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Demystifying sustainability

The Trust Imperative

The Trust Imperative Today’s businesses environment is highly demanding and increasingly competitive, requiring organizations to be flexible, responsive, and continually innovative. In order for this to happen, there must be … Continue reading

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Community by Peter Block

This book lays out concepts associated with how to build community. It’s not a practical how-to approach but rather lays out some important distinctions: Leadership is about convening, about inviting … Continue reading

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Building Consensus

Copyright 2000 AXIS Performance Advisors Building Consensus by Marsha Willard Decision authority is at the heart of empowerment. Most people know how to make decisions for themselves or by themselves, … Continue reading

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When & How to Empower (vs Delegate)

Copyright 1998 AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc. When to Empower Empowerment has definitely become the most overused buzz word of the nineties.The literature has everyone convinced of our obligation to empower … Continue reading

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