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Demystifying sustainability

Making Sense of Sustainability

Making Sense of Sustainability Sustainability can be hard for employees to understand. This booklet explains the concepts of Triple Bottom Line and also The Natural Step framework in simple, everyday … Continue reading

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Confused about Social Sustainability?

What it means for organizations in developed countries By Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard Many people in developed countries struggle to understand what social sustainability has to do with them. … Continue reading

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Sustainability Planning

Copyright 2006 AXIS Performance Advisors Creating an Effective Plan for Your Sustainability Efforts by Marsha Willard Note: This article was first published in GreenBiz in 2006 As with any organizational … Continue reading

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Sustainability Assessments

Copyright 2006 AXIS Performance Advisors. Sustainability Assessments When they are useful, what to ask for by Darcy Hitchcock A number of clients are asking for sustainability assessments. These assessments typically … Continue reading

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Growing into Sustainability: Baby Steps

Copyright 2003 AXIS Performance Advisors Growing into Sustainability: From Baby Steps to High Performance By Marsha Willard Darcy and I recently found ourselves working with a client who was experiencing … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Org Development: Critical Marriage

Copyright 2003 AXIS Performance Advisors. Sustainability and Organizational Development: A Critical Marriage By Darcy Hitchcock, president of AXIS Performance Advisors Many organizations and communities are trying to implement sustainable practices … Continue reading

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Environmental Strategies (Research)

  Copyright 2000 AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc. Environmental Strategies Research Report by Darcy Hitchcock At every point in history, there has been a factor that has defined competitiveness:mass production, quality, … Continue reading

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TNS…Crystal Ball for Business

  Copyright 1998 AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc. The Natural Step: The next best thing to a crystal ball for business It’s often said that there are only two things you … Continue reading

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